In 1996, Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters, Inc. first opened its doors on the banks of the Erie Canal in Historic Bushnell’s Basin, New York.

In 2007, FLCR moved into its state-of-the-art Roasting Facility in Victor, NY.

For more than 30 years, Bob Cowdery, our Roastmaster, has practiced his craft of selecting premium beans from around the world and skillfully roasting them to perfection in order to create the rich, aromatic flavors FLCR customers have come to enjoy.. With this experience and the ability to roast in craft batches, he and his partner, Larry Werges, transform green coffee beans imported from around the world into  the rich, aromatic coffees renowned throughout the Finger Lake region and beyond.

Bob and Larry’s passion for the perfect cup can be experienced in all of FLCR’s blends, single origins, and flavored coffees!

FLCR’s passion starts with the bean.

Our travels and roasting experience allow us to select the highest quality Arabica beans from coffee farms around the world – Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombia, Hawaii, Peru…essentially wherever quality beans are produced.

We sample roast and cup our beans constantly to ensure consistent taste throughout the harvest season.

Once the beans are tested and approved, they are ready for our craft roasting process. Our process helps to release the fullness of flavor from the beans to produce a robust body and rich taste in every coffee we sell. 

It has been time tested and perfected with only one goal in mind…To make sure that you receive the freshest and highest quality product available on the market today!

"Freshness is Guaranteed"

Our Knowledge

Owners Bob Cowdery and Larry Werges are known as the “Coffee Experts” in the Finger Lakes and Western New York region. They have been honing their craft for over 25 years.

The team at FLCR are industry pioneers who have shared the wealth of their knowledge with hundreds of their wholesale customers.  They have used their personal success strategies and industry insights to empower others to start or expand their coffee or cafe business. They have assisted with everything from counter design and customer flow to product and equipment selection. This professional guidance has benefitted many in this fast growing market. If you have questions regarding our coffee or cafe products,  don't hesitate to reach out.  We are always happy to help.

Our Products

Three unique FLCR blends have proven to be perennial favorites with our customers.

Our Canandaigua Blend, named after the most popular and most beautiful of the Finger Lakes, is always in high demand because of its full body and flavor.

Our Seneca Blend is named after the deepest and darkest Finger Lake. It is a dark, smooth coffee blend that lacks the sharpness of a French Roast.

Bob and Larry also offer their signature Lake Blend, a mild, medium bodied coffee that is perfect anytime of the day.

Our blends are popular, but we offer over 100 varieties of single origin, blends and flavored coffees just waiting for you to explore.

Our Process

FLCR has traveled the world to curate long term relationships with growers, processors and importers. These relationships give us priority access to the highest quality green Arabica beans available. Once the beans have been chosen, each coffee variety is skillfully roasted to a level of perfection that optimizes the flavor potential. FLCR coffees are then blended so the very best characteristics of the different beans will perfectly complement one another. Our customers have enjoyed millions of cups of our coffees, and we proudly invite you to click on the testimonials and hear what they have to say about FLCR.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Our Land and a Better Life

FLCR is committed to sourcing the best Fair Trade Organic Certified coffee beans from all over the globe.  Fair Trade practices ensure that the farmers receive fair compensation for their products and labor, and our customers can be assured that the products have been ethically and sustainably sourced.

Buy purchasing our Fair Trade Organic Certified coffees, you also help support secondary benefits to the farmers and their families including access to education, medical services, upgraded housing options and an overall improvement to their quality of life.

Organic farmers also help the quality of the environment by intercropping plant species and maintaining strict waste management, along with prohibiting the use of harmful chemical pesticides.

Finger Lakes Coffee’s Roastery is Organic Certified by NOFA-NY. You’ll see both the USDA Organic and the Fair Trade Certified Labels on our packaging.

Closer to home in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region, we take initiatives in our stores and Roastery to sustain our environment.  From Composting coffee grounds to utilizing chaff (an organic by-product of roasting) in gardens we have always strived to put back in the earth what we take out.