Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans


Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Why Finger Lakes Coffee?

Fair Trade Organic Coffee | Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters

At Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters, we select the highest quality Arabica beans from coffee farms around the world including areas like Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombia, Hawaii, and Peru…essentially wherever quality beans are produced.

We sample roast and cup our beans constantly to ensure consistent taste throughout the harvest season.Once the beans are tested and approved, they are ready for our craft roasting process. This process allows us to analyze each roast to ensure we are extracting the best flavor characteristics form each single origin bean. We never roast more that we will need for the week in order to keep the beans as fresh as possible.

Our process allows you to choose the type of bean as well as the grind level you prefer.  We offer whole bean, as well as a variety of grind levels including french press, espresso, turkish, percolator, and regular (auto drip) options. If you do order your coffee ground we will grind it the day we ship it out to ensure freshness.

Whether you prefer dark roast, medium bodied, certified organic/fair trade, or flavored coffees, or would like to try one of our signature blends, our process has been time tested and perfected with only one goal in mind…to ensure that you receive the freshest and highest quality coffee available on the market today!