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Welcome to Finger Lakes Coffee!

In 1996, Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters, Inc.
first opened its doors on the banks of the Erie
Canal in Historic Bushnell's Basin, New York.

Bob Cowdery, the Roastmaster, has roasted
coffee for many years in various locations. With
this experience and the ability to roast in small
batches, he and his partner, Larry Werges, are
able to transform green coffee beans imported
from around the world into rich aromatic coffees.

            Bob and Larry's passion for the perfect cup can be experienced in all of FLCR's
            blends, single origins, and flavored coffees!

And We Do It Very Well

Three unique FLCR blends have
proven to be perennial favorites
with our customers.

Our Canandaigua Blend, named
after the most popular and most beautiful of the Finger Lakes, is our
most sought after blend because
of its full body and full flavor.

Our Seneca Blend is named after
the deepest and darkest Finger
Lake. It is a dark, smooth coffee
blend that lacks the sharpness of
a French Roast.

Bob and Larry also offer their signature Lake Blend, a mild,
medium bodied coffee that is
perfect anytime of the day.

And don't forget about our
100+ other types of wonderful, hand-roasted coffees!

Folks & businesses throughout the
northeastern United States have
long enjoyed Finger Lakes Coffee.

Now, anyone in the United States
can experience everything FLCR has
to offer. We take your order, then
roast the coffee, then deliver.

All this is done to ensure that you
and your customers are getting the
freshest and highest quality product
on the market.
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Our Commitment to Our Land and a Better Life

Our travels have allowed us to source the best Organic/Fair
Trade Certified coffees from all over the globe. Fair Trade
ensures that the farmers earn enough for their crops to
continue to produce quality and sustain their farms.

As a result, by purchasing this coffee, you are improving the
quality of life of the farmers and their families by allowing them
access to education, medical services and upgraded housing.

Organic farmers also help the quality of the environment by
intercropping plant species and maintaining strict waste
management, along with prohibiting the use of harmful chemical pesticides.

Finger Lakes Coffee's Roastery is Organic Certified by NOFA-NY. You'll see
both the USDA Organic and the Fair Trade Certified Labels on our packaging.

Our Passion

FLCR's passion
starts with the

Bob's and Larry's
travel and roasting
experience allows
them to select the
highest quality
Arabica beans from
coffee farms
around the world -
Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombia, Hawaii,
Peru...essentially wherever quality beans
are produced.

We sample roast and cup our beans
constantly to ensure consistent taste
throughout the harvest season.

Once the beans are tested and approved,
they are ready for our small batch roasting
process. This process allows us to truly
"roast to order". We take your order, then
roast the coffee, and deliver.

Our process has been time tested and
perfected with only one goal in mind...To
ensure that you receive the freshest and
highest quality product available on the
market today!

"Freshness is Guaranteed by
Roasting Only to Order!"
Our Knowledge

Owners Bob Cowdery and Larry Werges
are known as the "Coffee Experts" in the
western New York region.

Bob and Larry instruct wholesale
customers on "How to start your own
coffee business", providing these
customers with the professional guidance needed to be successful in this fast
growing market.
Our Products

Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters' Coffees
are blended so the very best
characteristics of the different beans will
perfectly complement each other...but
we urge you not to simply take our word
for it.

We are able to modestly boast of
literally millions of cups sold, and are
ever so proud to let our customers relate
their experiences with our coffees using
their own words.

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